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With Razer leading the way with ultra-portable gaming laptops in the past, the latest model of the Razer Blade laptop has come out and is slimmer (0.7 inches slim to be exact), and packed with next gen graphics. While all of this media about the new model has made its way around the web, does it really live up to all the hype? Lets start with some pros and cons.




  • Portability(gaming on the go)
  • Faster boot times with its increased RAM
  • Faster storage with an SSD
  • High quality graphics
  • Touch Screen
  • Processor


  • Price ($2200 — I could build a desktop for that price!)
  • Heat

So obviously you can see there is more pros than cons, but wait that doesn’t mean that its out of the clear! We’ll start with the pros.

Portability is literally the selling point for this laptop. It is every gamers dream if your coming from having those huge Alienware laptops that way about 10 pounds in your backpack. Coming in at about 0.7 inches in width and a little above 4 pounds, the Razer Blade 2015 is as portable as it gets.

Along with portability, you can count on it to boot fast when on the go or at home. With 16 GB of dual channel memory, it is ready to handle your tasks when you need them too. Combine that with its 128 GB SSD, and you will be booting up within 10 secs.

The Razer Blade 2015 also comes with the latest GTX 970M to meet your gaming needs. It allows you to be able to run games like Battlefield 4 and Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag on its maximum settings. The 970M increases the smoothness and frame rate compared to other models of the card to give you the best gaming experience on a portable laptop.

It also features the Intel i74720HQ with a 2.6 GHz frequency (can be overclocked to a max of 3.6 GHz). With hyper threading, you can experience all eight threads and game at ease with this great processor.

The newest feature of the Razer Blade is a touchscreen. The touch screen is fully compatible with Windows 8 and allows you to game, surf, and swipe, seamlessly on the Razer Blade. Also available is the non-touchscreen version of the Razer Blade if you don’t fancy this feature.

On to the cons, we’ll start with the price. The Razer Blade 2015 comes in at $2200 for the 128 GB SSD all the way up to $2700 for the 512 GB SSD model. With that kind of money, you could have built a desktop that performed better then the Razer Blade. The point is is that your paying for the portability of it. If your getting the Razer Blade as your main gaming station for just at home, then I’d recommend building yourself a desktop for much cheaper and better performance. If your still persistent on getting it then by all means, get it. If you plan on gaming on the go a lot, then buy it and put this laptop to work. It’s the only true portable gaming laptop, but just be prepared to pay the price of that portability.


Lastly, is that heat is definitely another con of the Razer Blade. Having a bunch of high end computer parts put inside a laptop only 0.7 inches in width, you’d expect some heat. This makes for some heat buildup during prolonged usage.

In conclusion, the Razer Blade lived up to the hype by keeping to what it knows best. That is making portable, efficient, gaming laptops. While it may be pricey and have some heat problems, you get what you pay for, and what you pay for is very awesome.

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