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    Pillars of Eternity – Ga...

    25 July 2015 , by Hobbes

    It took less than sixty minutes for Pillars of Eternity to turn on me, with a jab to the heart that made me sit up and pay attention. I had spent the best part of an hour roaming a rich fantasy landscape with a ragtag bunch of companions, only to fall asleep after a mysterious ritual and find them all... Read more

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    Dragon Age: Inquisitions Revie...

    13 May 2015 , by Hobbes

    It took me just under 100 hours to complete Dragon Age: Inquisitions. Whilst they say that quantity is no substitute for quality, if this unbelievably expansive RPG release was being judged on its size alone, I am not sure there is anything which could beat it. The first thing to establish is that Dragon Age: Inquisitions is every bit as... Read more

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