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Inevitably by now the majority of individuals who refer to themselves as casual or hardcore gamers have heard about the rise in electronic sports (also known as eSports). Titles such as League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and DOTA 2 have been at the forefront of this surge in popularity. With prize pools ranging sometimes into the millions of dollars, eSports have created an entirely unprecedented opportunity for gamers to make a living on their passion. Just as a professional tennis player needs the best racket, elite gamers also rely on their tools to perform at their peak. So what are the best tools to start one’s journey toward becoming a professional gamer? Here’s a list of the hottest gaming laptop brands 2015.

1. Razer

A laptop gaming list just wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the brand Razer. Known for their tag line “For gamers by gamers” the California-based company has been making huge waves in the gaming community. Razer’s top of the line laptop is the Blade model which costs between $1,699.99 and $1729.99. If you want to have great performance and look stylish while you are getting frags then this black and green colored beast is for you. The 2015 Blade is outfitted with an all new GTX 970M Maxwell graphics card from Nvidia with 3GB of RAM. The new Blade keeps its slim profile while also providing a 3K display. Razer also offers many peripherals for the aspiring gaming athlete ranging from top of the line mice, keyboards and headsets.

2. MSI

MSIThe Canadian based company prides itself on designing the most innovative and relevant gaming product lineup and providing the best gaming experience in the world. MSI specializes in laptops, desktops, motherboards and graphic cards. However its most popular gaming laptop seems to be the GS70 Stealth model, which comes in at a price tag between $1,849.99 and $1,999.00. However if this is out of your price range, the MSI company carries many other models and options for your gaming needs.


Asus-LogoLast but not least on this list is the Taiwanese computer hardware giant, ASUS. Customers are given an “In Search of Incredible” promise and it appears that over the past few years the company has delivered. As ASUS continues to branch out into other technologies, it doesn’t seem to have affected the way they make a lean, mean gaming machine. They carry seven laptops classified under their gaming section and each one suits a different need. For instance the ASUS GL551 is one of the best laptops in the entry level category priced at only $1,099. If entry level doesn’t sound like it’s enough for you and you would prefer something near the top-end then the ASUS ROG G751JY will meet your needs. With a hefty price tag of $2,299 this gaming laptop will be able to handle everything you are able to throw at it presently and into the near future.

With the ridiculous amount of money that eSports is currently bringing in, the time to take advantage of this gold mine is now. With professional eSport players having the opportunity to earn cash prizes of over one million dollars, buying an elite gaming laptop is a small price to pay. While going pro has its merits, it definitely is not the only reason why one would need a gaming laptop. Streamers, YouTubers and content creators alike will benefit from the power and performance given to them with these machines. At the end of the day we are all gamers looking to be immersed in our virtual environments, so why not have the best experience possible with the help of the hottest gaming laptop brands in 2015!

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