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We all love gaming, and due to the new consoles, a lot of people are looking to PC gaming. It’s a cheaper alternative and provides a much better experience. In this article, you will learn about the top gaming desktop PCs of 2015 ranging from Alienware to Asus ROG to Steam Machines to self-built computers.

We will start with the best choices for self-built computers. You can decide what’s most important for you with your desktop. Do you want to do 3D rendering and a little gaming? You may want to consider building a PC with a strong CPU and a lot of RAM power, but less GPU power. Do you want to be a major gamer? This category is really broad because of the different games you may be playing, and what your computer may need to run them. When gaming your GPU is obviously important. There are a lot of choices here. If you are on a budget you will want to look into cards like the R7 260  for under $150.



If you want to be able to run games like Crisis, Battlefield, and more ne   xt-gen titles that you will definitely need a good GPU. For games like this, good choices are cards like the R9 290x or GTX 970. You may want to consider crossfire or SLI, but that’s a different story for a different time. You will also want a CPU with enough power, a decent amount of RAM, a good power supply, and some great cooling. Building your own PC is a great idea, and definitely the preferred method in the PC community, but many first time PC gamers may feel uncomfortable with that and want to buy a prebuilt computer.


Alienware is a brand I generally do not recommend to anyone because they have a tendency to be ridiculously overpriced. However, many people have the money to dish out on a brand new Alienware, and may just want to see that alien’s head on their PC. With that being said, if you have to get an Alienware, then go for the x51. It starts at $699.99 and is packed with a Dual Core Intel i3 processor that reaches 3.5GHz, 6GB worth of RAM, a little weak, but not bad, and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745 GPU which, like the other aspects of the computer, is not that bad. Now, this computer comes at different prices and different specifications, but I still wouldn’t recommend it. Alienware simply does not give you a bang for your buck.

Asus never lets you down, whether you’re building a PC or buying one. The Asus ROG series is fantastic. At about $700.00 you can get and Asus ROG Tytan G50AB with an Intel i7 processor and your choice of a GeForce GTX660, GTX670, GTX 680, or a GTX690. The RAM starts at 4 GB and runs up to 32 GB. You can even get it loaded with hard drives with up to 15 TB of storage. Obviously when you choose a better card, more ram, or more storage the price goes up. Asus is an excellent choice if you really don’t want to build your own PC.


So, these two PCs are excellent gaming desktops, along with a self-built computer. Don’t be afraid to look into Steam Machines either, tons of brands make Steam Machines, and if you like the portability that consoles bring to the table a Steam Machine is definitely a good choice for you.

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