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There are some great laptops available in 2015. Here is a look at the top laptops with 18.4, 17 and 15-inch screens. These are laptops that will impress your friends.


gt80-titanIf money is no object and you want the top of the line, it is hard to beat the Titan for a gaming laptop, which cashes out at about $3700. First, the Titan features a brown-red lit mechanical keyboard. A mechanical keyboard lasts longer than other keyboards, and allows the user to reach higher typing speeds. The control pad on this laptop is on the right hand side of the keyboard, a more convenient placement for gamers. With a touch, the control pad switches to a keypad if needed for some video game play.The Titan comes with two video cards. The Titan has two Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M GPUs in SLI configuration, with 16GB of VRAM available to use. These video cards when combined allow the user to play just about any game in Ultra mode. The screen is large at 18.4 inches and has very good viewing angles to the sides. The machine is also easy for the user to upgrade in the future. The graphics are excellent at 1920 x 1080 panel. The sound system is fairly loud on its own and can be heard several rooms away. The outside of the computer has sleek curves that resemble a racing car design. The only weakness is that on batteries, the machine lasts only about two and a half hours and it weighs about 10 pounds when you carry it around. You won’t mind.

Alienware 17

alienware-17Newly designed in 2014, this 17-inch screen Alienware laptop is improved over the last model. The new model keeps Alien’s renowned light displays, including the ability to call up 20 different colors for the keyboard to display. The lights can be set to use the Morph effect which changes colors or the Pulse effect which allows the lights to flash at a set tempo. There are over 60 versions of video games that have special profiles for built for the 17. The graphics are top notch and use the Nvidia GeForce GTX 880M GPU with 8GB to great effect. The sound system is awesome for a laptop and music videos are quite lovely to listen to. The 17 weighs about nine pounds, so it’s a bit heavy to carry around. Designed to be played in the dark, this computer is a gamer’s delight. Fully equipped, it costs around $3400. If you take this laptop to school with you, your homework will definitely suffer. This version comes with Intel’s 2.9-GHz Core i7-4910MQ GPU with 16GB of RAM. Battery life is about 4 hours.

Gigabyte P25X v2

p25x goldThis is a 15-inch gaming machine. Priced at around $2,200 it will take a bit less from your pocketbook. This laptop comes with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M GPU with 8GB of VRAM. It weighs in at about 6 pounds, a bit heavier than similarly sized laptops. The screen delivers stunning 1080p graphics in Ultra mode. The sound system is adequate, but not great. You might want to reinforce it with some outside speakers. The keyboard is comfortable to use and the touchpad is responsive. The battery life is about seven hours, which is great for travel. This system tends to run a bit hot at times when in its top graphics mode. The Gigabyte comes in a gold and black design that makes this laptop stand out from the rest. This is a great machine for the price. With Intel’s 2.8-GHz Intel Core i7-4810MQ processor with 16GB of RAM, this laptop is capable of running both a video game and a Netflix movie at the same time with ease.

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